Wine Storage Solutions for the Kitchen

So, by now, you know that you are an avid collector of wine and, therefore, would require only the best storage solutions for your wine collection; consequently, you can follow some of the ideas out on the market on how to select the various ways in which to accomplish this, for instance, by installing under stairs storage for wine or different other beneficial and aesthetically pleasing methods. And utilizing a state of the art cda integrated wine cooler inside your kitchen, for example, might give you the added advantage of owning a wine fridge that blends well with the kitchen’s existing cabinetry. In addition, it is beautiful to know that there are several makes and models of these devices on the market that experts in their field make, however always ensure that you use the services of a reliable wine fridge manufacturer before investing in such a unit that would ultimately take care of your wine bottle collection, and in turn, take care of the individual needs of yourself as not only a collector but a sommelier.

Under-the-counter wine cooler

Many wine lovers would tell you that the kitchen is their favorite spot in the house to open and pour a delicious glass of wine. And as the kitchen has several cabinets already installed, many would wonder how to integrate such a device into their living quarters. Therefore, the wonderous invention of the under-the-counter wine cooler or wine cabinet was created by various specialized manufacturers who dedicate their lives to making the best of the best. Henceforth, this version of a wine cooler can be placed underneath an existing structure, such as the kitchen cabinet, so it flows with the already established aesthetics of the room.

The free-standing unit

A free-standing wine cooler is next on the list of wine coolers you can integrate into the kitchen; although many might regard this high-tech appliance as something that would be bulky and take up a lot of space in the desired room, this might be further from the truth. For example, the free-standing unit can stand freely on its own without being attached to the can cabinets of the kitchen. And as many of these types of teams are available, some units are designed in such a surprising way that they are slim and tall so that they can still form part of the uniformity of the room. Therefore, by placing this version of a wine cooler or fridge, you can showcase your most prized wine bottle collection so that, like the counter version, it forms its unique aesthetics to the room.

Taking care of your wine cooler

Upon the realization of owning a wine cooler, you should, before placing it in your desired space, think of the maintenance of such a specialized unit, as one cannot be set the same way as the other, for example, with the under the counter version, you know by now that you can place it inside or underneath already placed cabinetry. But there are two precautions you have to take with each one. So, when looking at this specific one, it is advised only to install a wine cabinet with a ventilation unit attached to the front, which would allow for proper ventilation and prevent the team from overheating. In addition, never place it next to another appliance that radiates its heat, such as an oven. Furthermore, when looking at the free-standing version of a wine cooler, always place it in such a way that proper ventilation space surrounds this unit and, additionally, never put it in an area where prolonged exposure to harmful UV rays.

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