What is teratophilia

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There exists a paraphilia for nearly everything, and Teratophilia is one of them. They may get aroused or infatuated by fictive characters that for others look freaky or scary. Others may be especially attracted to someone with abnormal bodily features. Spread and Usage How did Teratophilia spread? In the movie The Shape of Water was released, showing us a woman falling in love with a monster looking merman and at the end, having sex with him in her bathtub. External References Kinkly — What is Teratophilia? Contents: Meaning Origin Spread. Meaning What does Teratophilia mean?

What's the origin of Teratophilia? How did Teratophilia spread? Kinkly — What is Teratophilia? Share this post! Other Terms: Random Slang Word Necrophilia views Spectrophilia views Vore 1, views Gynephilia views Autogynephile views Megalophobia views Somnophilia views Aichmophobia views Teratophilia views Gamophobia views Sister complex 1, views Ailurophobia views Age Regression views Panophobia views Omorashi 1, views. What do you think? Any additions friend?

What is teratophilia

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