Weight gain kink

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About Privacy Policy. Visit Blog. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. Weight gain kink. Feeling a little thicker after work. This fic contains: arranged marriage, corset popping, weight gain, belly kink, belly play, belly sounds, burping, mutual gaining, food and eating description, and stuffing. I tried to make everything gender-neutral in pronouns and descriptions, but the reader does wear more traditionally feminine clothes and the spouse wears traditionally masculine clothes once.

Your chest is also described but breasts are not mentioned. If you want me to do better or have any suggestions for the future let me know! Otherwise, enjoy! You glare up at your father from your place at the table, pushing your peas around your plate. I do not want to leave while I am still in my prime. I have never heard of the family name Belig. Are you sure that this person even exists? Your father's eye twitches and he answers, "I have been driven out to see their grounds. They have offered us a large sum for you We are accepting, and you will be happy about this.

You would never be happy about leaving home. A scream is making its way up your throat, and you want to smash your plate against the wall in rage. You did not behave like that, and your want to stay at home would not sway your stubborn father.

You glance at the tray to your right and pick up a pastry, thinking as you bring its richness to your lips and rub the flat front of your corset. You are waiting outside the church, pacing back and forth in your handcrafted lace gown. Your corset is stifling you as your nerves begin to rise, and you run your hand up and down the silken outside to ensure it is secure. A secret smile graces your lips as you meet the slight curve to it that wasn't there before. Your plan would work, you would ensure it. You accept your partner's hand as they help you from the carriage, their tailcoat and high-waisted pants unable to conceal their slightly soft paunch.

You were surprised to see that they were your age during the ceremony, but that doesn't stop your discomfort at their presence. You glance at your own middle discreetly, knowing that this corset was the only thing keeping your torso smaller than theirs. They drop your hand, bowing with their arm towards the entrance. My entire grounds are yours, as is everything I have. We will share everything here, and I wish for you to be happy in its excess.

As their speech ended, they held out their arm, which you took timidly like a perfectly proper partner. You walk with them as they give you a tour of their massive home, making careful note of how to get from your room to the kitchens. I would like for you to be comfortable tonight so please, get changed into your n-night clothes and then me in the ading room. We should t-talk before the night is completely upon us. They nervously move to step around you, and their hand reaches out almost on its own, heading towards your middle and shaking for a moment, before retreating back.

They take a deep breath and walk into the doors next to your own. You shake your head, wondering what that was supposed to represent before you make your way into a beautiful room with intricate woodworking and embroidered, silken linens. You couldn't believe it. There was even a bowl full to bursting with your favorite sugar-coated pastries on a table near the fireplace. You grin and call to the maid to loosen your corset.

This might be easier than you had initially planned. Your maid certainly had a fright earlier, seeing your flabby, round belly escape from its confines as you scratched at the angry red lines from your corset. The wedding shift you were wearing was deed for a smaller you, stretched to its limits and highlighting the pounds of fat you had packed into your middle. Your chest used to be so flat, only having definition when you pushed it up with a corset. It ballooned and sagged down to either side of your belly when unconfined. And your backside?

You turn to your side in the mirror, bringing the slightly loose back of the shift up so you could see it. It had fattened from its state, but your corpulence presented itself primarily on your front. So, it was at least contained and secret for now. Your belly let out a massive growl, insatiable, and you patted it lovingly causing it to gurgle in response.

That was the problem with your plan. As you had snuck down to the kitchen at your home each night, loading up on snacks, you found you had more and more of an appetite. You even secretly enjoyed your new figure, jiggling your belly in your room when no one could see.

It was freeing, in a way, giving in to your love of food. One memorable night, you brought those same sugary pastries up to your bed, gorging yourself and passing out with a belly packed to its limits. When you woke, your maid shook her head at your sugar-covered and bloated form. You wanted to emulate that same experience tonight for your dear spouse. Grabbing the bowl, you gobble down half of the pastries in quick succession, making sure to smear the excess sugar on your lips and down into your chest. Your belly would need some fuel for this next part.

You look at yourself in the mirror one last time, your gut packed with food and yet still hungry. Then you head towards the door, deciding to back in and pretend you were shy before turning to give them a great shock. As you slowly make your way backwards into the room, squishing the bowl of pastries into your hungry belly, you hear your spouse coo from behind you, a slight distance away. You start to use the bowl to subtly jostle your belly, all while whining, "I just I was sooo hungry so I ate a few of those pastries and my stomach is rounded now.

I am worried I am not to your taste. They chuckle, "Oh yes, one of your maids told me you had quite the appetite for those little things. But don't worry, a little bloating won't scare m-". They are sitting at the edge of the bed, cupping their own potbelly as they sway back and forth. A groan of what you assume to be disgust leaves their lips, and they begin to stalk towards you.

Here it comes. You would be able to leave by tonight! You balk, pushing the bowl deeper into your stomach as you hear it nervously churn. It was the next afternoon. You were sitting down to a large luncheon with your spouse, subtly shifting as you try to get comfortable in your usual corset, finding it more constricting than usual. Though, you might know why. You had run back into your room after the incident of last night, not letting them touch you and slamming the door.

You laid down on your bed and ate the rest of your pastries, caressing your poor belly and releasing a multitude of undignified belches through your tears. It was supposed to be easy to get them to release you. Why did they have to ruin everything? Their invitation to the lunch was delivered by a maid, who pitied you and helped you clean up.

As you got dressed, with some huffing and puffing from them, your belly had protested, and you knew you had a need to fill it soon. Deciding to not let good food go to waste, you found yourself here at the agreed upon time. They cleared their throat and quietly started, "You know I was told all the pastries have disappeared since last night. I can order to have even more made if you would wish.

Weight gain kink

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