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Includes: Mutual masturbation, a lil dirty talk, and a sexually frustrated Junhui.. You ran across the room, your bare feet dancing across the floor as you heard the familiar ringing. Saying it was late was an understatement, by now it was closer to morning then it was night. It was hot in your room and your tiny army of fans blowing all night still left the room dangerously humid. All your annoyances seemed to subside as you hit the green icon, though. A few seconds later you saw a very happy Junhui, his blonde hair matted to his forehead with sweat and he looked exhausted, but he still managed to give you a big smile.

I missed you so much! I guess it is! God, you wanted to help him out. I really like that shirt on you, you know. You gave him an annoyed glare before easily pulling your shirt over your head and setting it next to you. Suddenly it was somehow even hotter in your room and you wondered what the point was for ever buying fans, because nothing could cool you from this heat.

You had never done anything remotely close to this and you were scared out of your mind. But also, fuck, this turned you on. His eyes went wide as you pulled off your shirt, but seconds later grew dark. You could practically see the lust form in his eyes. You bit your lip; it had been so long for both of you.

Sure, you had masturbated and you imagined that he did as well, but you had never done it in front of one another. You shook your head innocently, biting your lip, a motion which drove him insane. Once he finished looking around he moved the camera to angle downwards at his pants. As soon you said that, he pulled down his pants.

Too impatient to take off his boxers, he slipped his dick out the front opening and began stroking himself slowly. His cock was already fully erect which caught your attention; he was never fully hard right away, so he must have seen something. You turned around and began slipping yourself out of the shorts you were wearing, making sure he had a good view of your ass. Your heart was thumping in your chest and your core was already aching with anticipation.

You missed Junhui so much. You missed his hugs and kisses, but you also missed how he always knew where to touch you, how his fingers knew exactly where to go, the things he did that made you moan and shake like no one had ever done before. You pulled down your thong a few seconds later flipping yourself around after not even bothering to tease him as you unclasped your bra.

He let out a deep groan as he saw all of you. He started pumping himself a little faster. All I could think about was how I would squeeze them and how you would let out that little moan. You moved one of your hands up to your breast while the other continued to rub small circles on your clit. You squeezed your eyes shut as you tried to emulate the feeling of him with your own hand. You flicked your eyelids open and glanced at Jun, he stared at you and licked his lips when he saw you watching him. His hand slowly drug up and down his length naturally while his pupils stayed fixed on you.

You slipped a finger inside yourself and let out a tiny moan. You could tell that turned Jun on because he started to stroke himself faster and let out a grunt as well. God I wanted you so bad then, I want you so bad now. You were such a good girl for me, always doing what I told you. I want you to do that again, touch yourself faster baby. His words caused a new wave of wetness to rush over you as you quickly began doing just as he commanded. You slip another finger in your pulsing hole and eagerly push you fingers in and out each time hitting a spot that sent out an uncontrollable moan.

Your other hand was grasping onto your breast for dear life. Making your toes curl and your heart beat faster than you ever thought it could, you imagine his other hand grabbing your boob squeezing it so hard that it would leave a mark, leaving your nipples sore. You knew he was watching you, you were a mess of moans and cries and he had never seen anything more sexy. You borderlined screamed his name as your entire body focused on the pleasure you were giving yourself.

Your fingers slammed into yourself hitting all your pleasure points, sending jolts through your body faster and with more need and lust you had ever felt since Jun had left. You had let out a weak cry as your chest flew up and down breathlessly and he seemed to understand as he too, was close. Your walls collapsed and you let out a moan that reflected the pure ecstasy you were feeling.

You heart drummed in your chest and your toes curled as you strained all your muscles. As soon as Jun saw you like that he came too, his breath was hitched in his throat eyes perfectly trained on you. You opened your eyes as soon as you finished your orgasm, you let out a small whimper exhausted. Your muscles were weak from tensing and you could only stare at Jun with big loving eyes.

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