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When someone tells you they identify as a Dominant or Master, submissive or slave — you have a pretty good idea what that means. Well, it means you need to ask more questions. I often compare somebody that identifies as a switch to someone who identifies as bisexual. That is not what I compare.

Here is what I mean: both identities lay upon a spectrum and there are some similar stereotypes that both groups deal with. On one hand you can have someone like me when I first started in the scene — I personally identified as an s-type, however, I had the skills to top and did enjoy it on occasion with a handful of people. So, technically, I could say I was a switch because I could Top and bottom for play. On the other hand you will find people like me currently that feel equally Dominant and submissive and may have a partner or partners that they switch with — or are in a poly situation where they have one or more partner s they submit to and another or others they are a Dominant to.

Some people may flow from one to another — go through phases if you will. Some times in their life they feel the need for more submission and at other times feel the need to express more of their Dominant side. The point is that there is a very diverse spectrum when it comes to being a switch. Everyone is different and you just need to ask what it means to them. Now I would like to address the stereotype that seems to get placed on switches that reminds me of the one placed on those that identify as bisexual.

While these things, of course, can be true for some people — it is not true for most. Being a switch is just as much who they are as someone who knows they are a D-type or an s-type. I am not confused about what I like. When I discovered this community I swore I was totally an s-type and would never be able to Top. Eventually I started exploring it because, well, why not?

I believe this lifestyle is perfect for self-exploration and growth! I had always gone to classes to learn how to use implements, etc. So once I started to Top I already had some skill. I found I tend to prefer Topping s-type women. None of us really know what the future holds.

Absolutely not. I still feel my submission pulled from male Dom energy and believe I always will. We all have our own story and our own journey. This space allows us to explore and reach in directions we never thought possible. Know thyself and then get to know others. Especially those darn switches! Notify me of follow-up comments by . Notify me of new posts by . Search for: Search Submit.

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Switch kink

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