Snake squeeze fetish

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Just want to state that I am male which makes this much less interesting. Edit2: Well I'm off. I'm not sure about how this submission karma thing works, but I'm guessing this AMA is dead. In any case, I will check any comments tomorrow. Dammit, dude, your summary ruined the whole thing for me. Anyway, as long as I'm here, ever shove a snake up your ass? Nope, anal doesn't sound particularly interesting to me anyways. Where to start? I wish it was much more common since porn for it is ridiculously hard to find. I'm primarily interested in seeing live snakes inserted into woman, but obviously this isn't very common in porn.

The few clips I have are mostly Japanese. Most of my collection is just hentai since it kind of blends into the whole tentacle genre. The logical question is, do you have any snakes? If you're serious, I can imagine some kinds would enjoy your body heat without trying to constrict you to death in the process. Not yet; I'm not particularly open about my fetish and somewhat paranoid that any of my friends or relatives would find out. I'll probably get a couple once I get my own place though.

I figure most snakes that they sell wouldn't be particularly aggressive; the real problem would be finding women who would accept this fetish as I am not exclusively interested in snakes. Are you just attracted to the thought of a woman having to insert a dangerous, live animal into her body, or is it something about the snake itself that turns you on? Its a bit of both. I've always had somewhat of a strange affinity for snakes and the concept of a girl being pleasured, preferably forcefully, by one or multiple really turns me on.

I feel like a lot of it isn't even based on the snake as an animal but as an idea. I'm not too sure but the way that snakes are perceived seems just as important to me as their physical form. That said, theres something about their scales and their bodies that makes it so much more erotic.

I've also seen a few videos where women insert live eels in their vaginas, and although it does appeal to me more than normal porn, it feels somewhat hollow as if some psychological element is missing from it. I saw a video of a woman being raped with a snake, head first, and the struggle by both the woman and snake made it so much more erotic; yet at the same time I'm concerned for the safety of the snake.

I'm no psychologist so I can't really explain any of it, but thats just how I felt about it. Trouser snakes? Those slippery little bastards work there way in everywhere. No one is safe! Hide yo kids, hide yo wife! I might be a sexual deviant, but I'm not interested in your kids. I'm sure your wife wouldn't mind some serpentine action though. Also, I hate it when snakes are used in euphemisms.

It just makes rare porn even harder to find. If this is bestiality you should let people know because it's illegal in some countries to view it. I have a snake fetish, AMAA. Posted by 10 years ago. Sort by: best. So what's a snake fetish like?? Continue this thread. What do you like about snakes? I'm also interested in lamia and other snake people. More posts from the IAmA community.

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Snake squeeze fetish

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Snake Fetish