Skype nudity

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No more swearing on Skype, in Outlook. As of May 1, a new Microsoft Services Agreement will ban offensive language. Oh, and bestiality, too, plus a slew of other unsavory content types. The new offenses, which can get you kicked from services or lose you your Microsoft , the garden-variety evil villain ones: transmitting viruses, stalking, posting terrorist content, communicating hate speech, advocating violence against others, copyright infringement, and manipulating services to increase play count, among others.

We may also block delivery of a communication like , file sharing or instant message to or from the Services in an effort to enforce these Terms or we may remove or refuse to publish Your Content for any reason. When investigating alleged violations of these Terms, Microsoft reserves the right to review Your Content in order to resolve the issue. However, we cannot monitor the entire Services and make no attempt to do so.

The list of covered services includes:. No swearing or offensive language on Xbox Live? Well, hallelujah and good luck to you on that, Microsoft. Bullying and harassment run amok: it seems like shock-value is a game unto itself. Microsoft has this code of conduct to spell out how Xbox Live customers are expected to behave. Microsoft clarified that if it receives a complaint about a potential breach of the code of conduct, be it in a Skype chat, an or whatever, it may examine private files and conversations.

Follow NakedSecurity on Twitter for the latest computer security news. I needed a good laugh this morning. Just as actions have consequences, so do words be they verbal or written. Just ask anyone that has ever been in a flame war on Usenet. This may be technically true, but the war against all things not PC is getting really old.

I hate how many companies are getting on board with the enforced morality bandwagon. Things like the first amendment may not technically apply to private entities, but the fact that they are totally fine with this kind of censorship should give chills to everyone who cares about such principles. Considering how prevalent outrage culture is it really is only a matter of time before everyone will have a valued topic censored. If that does not scare you I am afraid we just do not share the same values.

Just tested Bing, blocks all for the F word, but the C word comes right up, and with an image. Since this will get ISP to block IPs that search for or transmit censored words, free wifi will vanish. Phones will be disconnected for the use of profanity during conversations. OMG this means Deadpool will be blocked, noooooooo. Alexia and Siri might turn you in by Christmas if they hear you cursing in your own home — here come the thought police…..

George Carlin will be erased from history too, : ….. It makes me wonder if these were subliminal messages of things to come. Another nail in the coffin of the Rule of Law, namely freedom of expression. Everyone seems to be offended these days. I suppose there will be exemptions, the POTUS would otherwise be banned as he seemingly offends someone or some country every other day…..? I think you have completely misinterpreted this.

Nowhere does it say anything about swearing. I think interpretation is at the heart of the matter. Plus, its mention is merely as an example! There is nothing to keep them from interpreting it as including swearing. The interpretation will be subject to political and financial pressure.

This is really the problem. I suppose Mircosoft will have to ban themselves due to that and leave us the hell alone to say what we actually want now. The mere fact that they want to look at my conversations or content of my s will just make me stop using their services outside of work anyway. So basically users are going to allow Microsoft and other companies to cyberbully them into changing their behavior thus ending freedom of speech, expression, individuality, sexuality etc.

To accomplish this they will be monitoring our voive chats, phone calls Skype calls , s and anything you would produce with a Microsoft product. That sounds a lot like China. This is our community. XG Firewall. Intercept X. For Home Users. Free Security Tools. Free Trials. Product Demos. Have you listened to our podcast?

Listen now. : Jaywalkers to be named, shamed and fined thanks to facial recognition. Hitman Pro Find and remove malware. Intercept X for Mobile Protect Android devices. Just like all free services, you are the product.

So you are correct, it is not private. Oh dear, really? Everyone is tracking our conversation. Nothing is private on internet. And this makes it okay? Fools believe things are inevitable. What do you think? Cancel reply Comment Name Website. Recommended re. Jul Jun Apr

Skype nudity

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