Sissy and mistress

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Sissy P sometimes known as Paula has now been with me in service for just over 6 months and has demonstrated a refreshing level of devotion and commitment. Sleeping arrangements are a large locked cage fit for a dog consideration made that it is only part time , sometimes in the garden although mostly in the house. Trust, demonstration of commitment and loyalty and a firm understanding of privacy are all a must. These things are usually established best through a term of getting to know one another; be it sessions, realtime events, etc. This includes acting as my driver too. Should I require escorting to a fetish event or even driving to a personal appointment I will call upon Sissy P to chauffeur me.

Should I be on a date or social event with a friend P sometimes steps in as my walking wallet. One of my favourites has to be on my post Easter trip to Manchester. I had a social event to attend on the Friday and sessions on the Sunday so I made a complete weekend of it. On the Saturday daytime I took Sissy P shopping in Selfridges one of my favourite places in the world. That very evening I had her find a fine establishment where I would be meeting a friend for dinner. Personally I should of left instructions for a mute service. In Walsall back in March, after a full day of sessions at the wonderful premises The Facility, I left Sissy P cleaning the dungeon after a heavy fisting session to meet a kinky friend for dinner.

I took a lift to the local retail centre to meet at Chiquitos. I had instructed P to remain in the full french maid attire and come to wait in the carpark on the retail park once cleaning was complete. After an hour and a lovely meal I decided my Sissy should cover the cost. It transpires that when entering Bella Italia and me not waiting by the desk she spoke to the hostess who promptly took her for a walk round each table to find me!

Sissy on Display! P said the range of interested looks, confused faces and expressions of sheer horror was an experience. I was doubled up with laughter. Obviously the cause of why I was being made to wait was irrelevant, I still had to wait which lead to a subsequent caning. I Think it really added something making Sissy P hold a dog chew in her mouth for a long period of time. The drive home from Windsor after a fetish event with a gearbox that was stuck in second gear! The arduous and long journey lead to, you guessed it, my cane.

Other smaller memorable moments were our first trip to Slimming World to a packed class of 34 aghast but silent ladies. Forgetting to take off her slut red nail polish before going to visit her 85 year old mother — having to try and convince her it was an April Fools joke. Sending P to collect my repaired item from the Apple store with my driving taking her bright pink Ted Baker purse which was a present from me but not taking any of her own cards or ID so when presenting a pink purse and my ID to then be accused of stealing a ladies purse and posing as a fraud to get my item.

Sissy Misdemeanours. Never a dull moment with a sissy around! Faithfully Mistress Tess x.

Sissy and mistress

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