Sex slave names

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Comments Showing of 33 33 new post a comment ยป. Feb 13, PM. Feb 14, AM. Crush: Other: Her mom was a druggie and sold her to men for money when she was little. A month ago she heard about this slave trade and threw Lily on bord. Feb 14, PM. She always puts others before herself. Crush: Open Other:. Feb 15, AM. Feels useless being a slave but sometimes can be a little brave and confident. Feb 19, AM. I just do i just any role play on here??? Yeah, did you read the rules first? Yes i did. Okay, then yeah, just anyone you want. She could be silly and sometimes mean at times but she could make any kind of friends.

Looks: looking for it Crush: open Other: had a horrible start in life. Does have some scars. You can start like that. Feb 19, PM. Crush:open Other:had a normal life until her dad died and her step dad made her a slave. He is Shy on the outside, but outspoken to His friends. Jayden is unique, creative, Optimistic and caring, and he always tries to see the best in people he has tendency to be always smiling and making others smile.

Crush: Open Other: is owned by Ethan, and was born into the Slave life he Never knew his mother but his father is know was one of the most Cruel Buyers at the trades, when he was about 5 Ethan came as bought him that he has slowly Bonded with him, and thinks of Ethan as a older Brother.

Chase do you want your master buy my slave which is Whitney? Okay sure. Feb 20, AM. Jayden is so cute! Feb 24, AM. She doesn't trust easily, but when she does she is sweet, kind, caring, and will stick up to the people she trusts no matter what.

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Sex slave names

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