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Azaelia Banks is trending again, and no, it's not for homophobic comments , celebrity feuds , occult interests, or appearing to dig up her deceased cat Lucifer to bring him back to life. If you are unfamiliar with what NFTs, here is a quick summary. NFT's or non-fungible tokens are a way to own art pieces in the digital space as a crypto token. On the other hand, Bitcoin is fungible, which means it can be traded for an identical bitcoin that are not irreplaceable. Moreover, examples of NFTs are memes, gifs, texts, and audio.

What is also unique about NFTs is that there is nothing like it— they're one-of-a-kind and non-fungible. For example, Grimes releasing video art and Jack Dorsey releasing selling the first-ever tweet. Purchasing an NFT such as Bank's sex tape with Ripps gives the buyer complete ownership of the item, which happens to be cached. The peculiar place that is Azealia Banks' Instagram conversations. Reportedly, Fulton Fyder was the buyer of the audiotape, purchasing it for the set price of Recorded in February by Azealia Banks and boyfriend Ryder Ripps, this sound-based artwork is sure to titillate for its full duration.

Upon purchase, a WAV file will be delivered to the buyer in addition to a 1 of 1 ed LP vinyl record. Full ownership, including limitless distribution and display rights, are included in this sale. After the sale, Banks posted Instagram stories to explain her stance on the magical world of cryptocurrency, NFTs, and why she decided to create and sell a sex tape. Screenshot Azealia Bank's Instagram. This is probably one of the most oddly interesting things I've encountered in a long time, especially when it comes to her apparent proclamation of understanding the bigger picture of the lack of clean water and food that people worldwide may not have access to.

Despite this, I will continue to be intrigued to see what other people will do in this digital space to prove a point, even if it's a part of the "sex sells" mindset. Have you got something to say about this subject? Submit a post here and start the conversation. For one, you can work from the comfort of your own home or now, since restrictions are somewhat lifted in the United States I'm in New York City , you could go to a coffee shop if you want to change your scenery. On the other hand, working from home can have its pitfalls because it can be easy to be distracted by your phone, television, or outside noises.

I tried various things, such as listening to lo-fi music courtesy of Chilled Cow's live streams on YouTube or moving myself to a different location in my home to "change" the vibe. Some of those things would work for a short amount of time, but then I felt myself becoming distracted all over again. However, on one miraculous day, I stumbled across a technique that prompted my curiosity. And once I tried it, I've never felt more productive. Also known as the Pomodoro Technique which is the Italian word for tomato method, it is a method that uses a timer to help carve out more time in the day to keep up with all the daily to-dos.

Set a timer for 25 minutes and then focus on one single task for that duration of time until the timer beeps. An app and website are also available to aid the process as well. The technique was created in the s by Francesco Cirillo, a university. He was having a difficult time focusing on his work and finishing asments. Further encouraged by this challenge, he encountered a tomato-shaped kitchen timer that birthed the technique's name. Per the site, twenty-five minutes is short enough to work on a task and not feel the woes of burnout.

It's also sufficient enough to take on tasks that might not be the most inspirational. This time frame isn't super long, so once you begin, you know you need to work hard on the task because the 25 minutes is going to end soon," the site re. Ultimately, it's a fun and innovative way to get the most out of the day, all while feeling better about all of the things accomplished. For more information, check out the website here. Parenting — it's a steep learning curve and I'm still finding my way. Or more accurately; winging it one day at a time. Here's just seven things I wish I'd known if I could hop in a time machine and go back to speak to myself pre-children.

Although of course I wouldn't use my one go in a time machine doing that, but I digress. You will feel extremes of emotions to levels you've never reached before; especially love, rage, guilt, fatigue and boredom. I have experienced boredom before but not to the extent that I feel when I'm reading The Gruffalo for the millionth time. I've felt anger, but no one ever made me scream silently into a teddy or made me step out the room to count to ten before. I've never felt as much guilt before I had kids, and for small things like needing a break. Pre-kids I'd experienced sleep deprivation; I'd been to enough festivals and pulled enough all-nighters to know what being tired was like.

But this level of fatigue is different; its unrelenting and debilitating, and it just goes on and on. And then the love — you'll feel it fiercely, and so intensely that at times you'll resemble Gollum with the baby as your 'precious'.

I've mentioned this before but I always had the preconception that as soon as I held my baby I would feel an intense rush of love, a deep connection, and this fantasy stems from movies as well as other parent's experiences. But I didn't feel that cinematic rush of intense love, I just felt exhausted and terrified.

Bonding can be delayed, especially after a tricky birth, but it does come. And it doesn't mean that you're a bad parent. When I was pregnant for the first time my mum encouraged me to some pre-natal classes and I naively said that I had enough friends, and that I didn't need to be friends with people just because they happen to be having kids at the same time as me.

Which is totally wrong for many reasons, not least because you can never have too many friends. Parent friends are essential because it's such a relief to be able to say "this is really hard" and have someone understand completely. You can ask if things are normal, you can share tips and ideas, and it abates the loneliness that parents can feel, especially in those early days.

I feel really lucky I've found a few of these and I'm so glad I listened to my mum about pre-natal groups — these parent friends got me through some tough times. If you have a partner — you're going to need each other in new and deeper ways than ever before.

They are your team mate, your cheerleader, your confidant; you will need each other more than ever. Be kind to each other even in the depths of sleep deprivation and one day you'll have time to be a couple again. I had no idea this would happen but it is inevitable that when your whole world changes it will affect the relationships you have, even strong friendships.

Suddenly you aren't able to go out as much, and what's more — you don't even want to. In the early days of parenting I felt really bad about what I looked like post baby weight and post baby hair loss, a winning combination , and I was so tired all the time I just wanted to be in my pyjamas and in bed by 9pm. Meeting up with the baby in tow is difficult too; it's hard to follow a conversation when you're juggling nappy changes, feeds and naps.

But once things calm down a bit and you feel more like yourself again, these old friends will be there and they'll remind you that you're not just a Mum. You are still a friend, a wife, a lover of wine and dinner and music. It seems so surreal now but it took me time to even think about anything I liked or was interested in because I was so focused on getting to grips with being a new mum. I was probably a bad friend back then, but thankfully my friends didn't mind. You won't care about getting poo on your hand, sick in your hair, or snot on your favourite cardigan.

The amount of bodily fluids you'll encounter is immense and you won't even care, not at all. You won't even feel a flicker of anger if you're peed on, or if you toddler casually picks his nose and wipes it on your arm. You shrug and clean and continue with your day. It's insane but it's part of being a parent; you become immune to feeling grossed out by things that are disgusting because if you had a normal reaction to it, you'd spend a lot of your day feeling icky.

And they are just a bit too cute to care that much about a little poo mishap. If you're going through a challenging phase and you're wondering how to get through another day of toddler tantrums or another night of broken sleep; this too will pass. It really will. There will be a time when you will sleep uninterrupted the whole night. There will be a time you won't have to follow your kid around saying "kind hands" constantly like a maniac.

One day you won't have to crawl around the soft play with them — you'll be the parent drinking coffee scrolling through their twitter timeline. One day they'll be fine with having their teeth cleaned, one day they'll use the toilet by themselves and even flush and wash their hands. It doesn't seem it when you're in the midst of a bad phase, but it's a blink of an eye. Don't put pressure on yourself to cherish every moment, many moments will not be very cherishable, but do remind yourself daily that this time is fleeting — its passing by all the time, as our whole lives are.

To my pre-child self one final thought — even though its hard, this is the best thing you'll ever do, in your whole life. our new platform for free and your post can reach a huge audience on Indy and The Independent . Yep, you read that correctly. The one work productivity method that actually works wonders for me—and it involves a timer How to make the most of your time while working from home. Photo by Tristan Gassert on Unsplash. If you're anything like me, you might have felt that working from home has its ebbs and flows.

Essentially, productivity can easily fly out of the window. But how can it be easier to make the most out of the day while working from home? For months, I asked myself this question, figuring out the most effective way to do it. Keep reading Show less. StartTheConversation by ing us on. Top Conversations. Want to Write For Us? Have something interesting to say? We want to hear it! Here are a few tips on getting your work featured. . Most Popular.

The one work productivity method that actually works wonders for me—and it involves a timer pomodoro technique. Women and video gaming: The never-ending battle for representation video games. Is honesty really the best policy when applying to the police? Don't just ban junk food - we must teach parents how to live healthier lifestyles. How do we slow the climate clock?

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Sell sextape

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