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Now I can see all the nudes from girls I'm friends with on snapchat. Always kind of figured Snapchat saved pictures, but this is mayhem. I'm not sure Snapchat does. These are leaks from an app called Snapsave. Snapchat must have a PR nightmare on their hands though. Many won't care to learn or be aware of the difference. I think this was throw party apps probing the database and stealing images. The hacker claims that the pictures will be ed to a searchable database, meaning that images can be traced back to the victims' Snapchat user IDs. Oh shit! I always thought they were full of shit about the self-destruct part.

Not fake. One guy claimed it was fake because a single image from the leak can be found elsewhere. It's like he didn't consider that someone could have posted the pic online when it was originally sent to them, still stored on the snap app and leaked a second time. TIL there are people who still think their "self-destructing" non-E2E encrypted messages are "private". Want secure and private messages?

Use the end-to-end encrypted and open source TextSecure. Otherwise don't complain when a hack like this happens. So basically they deserve it? Dude, that's bullshit. Snapchat offers secure ephemeral picture messaging, or so they claim. Not everybody is tech-savvy enough to understand what is going on with it. Not everybody is, has the time, or can be a computer engineer Get a grip.

This is not the end-user's error. Posted by 6 years ago. Sort by: best. View discussions in 2 other communities. Continue this thread. This is the end for snapchat. In this day and age, why isn't security more a concern? I thought quicksand would be a bigger deal. More posts from the technology community. Subreddit dedicated to the news and discussions about the creation and use of technology and its surrounding issues. Created Jan 25, Top posts october 10th Top posts of october, Top posts Back to Top.

Reddit snapchat nude

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