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Last Friday at 8 a. The , named reii. The owner took advantage of my public profile and successfully followed at least of my male followers, gaining at least 25 followers for themselves. I responded to all the warning messages, asking people to report the . I filed a direct complaint with Instagram, saying that I was being impersonated.

I posted stories on both my Instagram and Snapchat s alerting my friends and followers that I did not own the , not to click the link and to report the . Altogether, we got the fake taken down in about an hour, but my impersonator still had seven hours to troll my followers into sending them money and promising them access to my body. I know several girls who have had their identities stolen by strangers on the internet. I know girls who have had their Snapchat s hacked, only promising safe return in exchange for money or explicit photos.

I know girls who still have not recovered their social media s, months or even years later, because of poor customer service from social media corporations and inability to pay ransoms. Although it was fairly easy for my followers to get the disabled, the idea that someone had tried to essentially sell my body still lurks in the back of my mind. With the rise of OnlyFans, it has never been easier for empowered men and women to use their bodies for monetary gain, and to do it on their own terms.

It became painfully clear that some of my followers — friends, even — were under the impression that I owned the fake and were willing to pay for the goods they pd I was selling. Reilly Mullen is the managing editor of The Spectrum and can be reached at reilly. Reilly Mullen is the editor-in-chief for The Spectrum.

She double majors in English and political science. She enjoys Dunkin' iced lattes, arguing with frat boys and buying cool shoes. A former web, features and news editor, she write columns about her chronic illnesses and taking down the patriarchy. Side by side comparison of my personal Instagram and the fake on impersonating me.

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