Omegle sexting

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Say hi! You, or your partner, can always disconnect at will. Girls say the sites can be fun and entertaining. You can meet people in cool places, too. All the girls I asked thought these websites could also be dangerous for girls. Girls had a lot to say about the creeper factor on both sites. In my experience there were many guys that I encountered, mostly older by themselves or with a friend.

The first thing they ask is if they can get anything, such as a girl to expose herself or something with no strings attached. It completely lowers your self-esteem as a person and makes you feel worthless. No one will act like themselves on these sites. I understand the appeal of both of Omegle and Chatroulette. Unlike chatting with people you know, you really can say anything here, and there truly are no consequences.

You can be cruel, or just unkind, or sexually explicit, and none of it really matters. This desensitization makes it easy not just to say anything, but do anything. Among the very few girls I spoke with for this blog, one told me she had met a guy on Chatroulette and sent him an explicit video of herself and regretted it later. In a recent blog about the website Formspring, I argued that Formspring took cyberbullying to a new level and low by making it appear consensual. Girls are hardly passive users. Many say that using Chatroulette in groups often in girls daring each other to flash people on camera, or write or say sexual things.

Nothing wrong with a little Truth or Dare, but the stakes seem a lot scarier here. I also felt a surprising twinge of rejection and even hurt when people disconnected from me. AF thinks these sites are okay as long as girls stay smart. What Girls Say Girls say the sites can be fun and entertaining.

Omegle sexting

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"Talk to Strangers:" Is the New Chat Craze Dangerous for Girls?