Nutaku hack

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This Nutaku hack is fun and all with good looking art style but it is so difficult to get Gold Coin Codes. You only get a certain amount of and the Gold Coin Codes amount for does not increase as you move to different rooms so the grind is tremendous. Please make it so that we can get Gold Coin Codes a bit easier such as unlimited ad watching or some sort of mini game.

I have tried to contact the Customer support for several days and so far they have never contacted me. This game has a lot of problems. First, the puzzle pieces that you earn will disappear every single day so you cannot put a picture together and you can never finish the newest set. Next your daily bonuses seem to always to roll 2K or 5K never the big ones. I have taken stats over the last 10 days and I've got 2K 7 times and 5K three times plain awful. The newest girls that just came out are glitched and it takes way too much effort to obtain the pictures of them especially since puzzle pieces disappear daily.

If customer service ever contacts me and fix this problem I was glad to give it better Gold Coin Codes. I do enjoy the artwork and the girls, however there are things that could make it better, for example, I don't usually purchase things in the game but when I do and I'm rewarded with pics I would hope that I could see the pic some place in the game.

As soon as I had bought all the Nutaku cheats, the pic disappeared. Also the limit on stuff you can steal when you get the option to steal is a bit much. I'm not even getting enough in the game to move up quickly so it's not like there should be a limit.

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Nutaku hack

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