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Today, I am playing Big Bang Empire. Most tycoon games, I will admit, are not great insights into the industry they are attempting to portray: Game Dev Tycoon , for example, made me think that the easiest way to profit was to endlessly churn out sequels and fire anyone who was tired or sad, replacing them with new, younger employees. Big Bang Empire is not about the porn industry as a whole, nor is it particularly critical of it. My porn star is a leggy pink-haired woman who owns not one shred of clothing. Her profile picture is her own front bum.

Third, you have to fight fellow porn stars. Just punch them right in their handsome faces. How else are you going to rise to the top of the industry? It turned out that the clotheslessness was actually an incentive of sorts, because the only way clothes can be attained is with money, which you can get through a series of timed quests. You may have noticed that I have not once mentioned the actual porn.

But for you, dear readers, I grinded my way up to Level 8—somewhat literally—so that I could give you a view from inside. Once the porn scene is chosen, three tasks appear. One is a task requiring me to get a checkup at the doctors. And one is a fighting task, which just means I have to punch a peeping tom until they leave. Like many Nutaku games, and many pay-to-play games, Big Bang Empire has a billion things going on. Somehow, none of them are sexy.

Oh, sure, there are tits. Tits galore, in fact. There are tits on the border of the screen. Tits on my character that I can see any time I like. Even the tutorial lady is basically just tits with spectacles. Where is the art? Where is the storycraft? Text-filled missions, menus, timers, and an overload of UI do not a satisfying sex game make.

My new dentist looks like Denise Richards when she was in her 20s Do you just draw straws or is it completely based on preference? The A. By Kate Gray.

Nutaku big bang

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