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The algorithm software will de oligonucleotides probes within 74 nt flanking both upstream and downstream of each SNP, avoiding, where possible, repetitive sequences and other oligonucleotide de-limiting variations, including the presence of surrounding SNPs.

However, these de constraints can be relaxed, though it should be noted that in highly heterozygous genomes, this may lead to a compromise of target specificity. Please contact technical and applications support regarding the various de options in relation to your SeqSNP project. Forgot your password? Create a new . Create an online so you can save your shopping cart, forward carts to your purchasing agent, view your online order history, and quickly purchase ly ordered items.

Running low on your supply? Find your ly purchased item and order it again. Plan on ordering many oligo sequences at once? Use the excel order form feature to expedite the ordering process. Want to order custom qPCR probes and primers? Expand testing capacity while optimizing lab resources.

Learn about fully automated PCR systems. Access information specific to your industry's workflow. Will the presence of these surrounding SNPs ificantly impact oligonucleotide probe de? Share this . Invalid address or password. Quick order. Ask A Scientist. What is your name? Field required. Which address can we send a reply? Please enter a valid address. What is the name of your company or organization? In which country are you located?

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My snp

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