Lesbian girl names

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Like, for example, what queer characters are often named. Start here: Franky. Sounds good, right? Butch but playful, like a grown-up tomboy. Like how lesbians are allowed to wear sneakers wherever they want no matter how old they are; even to host daytime talk shows or give poetry readings. Is Frankie a nickname for Francesca? Frankies have hobbies. They are a little rebellious. In the U. Frank, by the way, is 5 on the list of most popular names for a male movie character. If you find yourself face-to-face with the subversive teen-idol potential of a grown-up masculine-of-center woman, consider a nickname.

The Wire character shared her name with the actress who played her. Deciding between whether or not you want your character to be a domesticated animal e. So many Alexes that we are often at risk of repeating a shipper name! You can catch eleven queer Alexes and just two Alexandras on your television box but the most Alex-overpopulated segment of the media landscape is absolutely The Lesbian Webseries. That was in , the same year Alexandra peaked at Amongst queer female TV characters, however, it rolls in at five.

Your Bills and your Billies. Bring me your Devons! Your Shanes and your Shays! Your Reagans. In the beginning , Marta Kauffman and Kevin S. Bright created Carol and Susan. And they were without form, and void: and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of G-d moved upon the face of the waters. And G-d said, Let there be more Susans; and there were more Susans. There was Susan, a human-turned-vampire-turned-human who was as so often is the case with these characters strangled to death.

After forty days and forty nights there was Susan, who told someone at the Minbari Rebirth Ceremony that she loved Talia. In the promised land we came upon Suzanne, the earthquake specialist who had one entire date and one entire kiss with Rhonda Roth before her show got entirely cancelled.

Susan may not be as popular as it once was — its average ranking over the last years is — but it does come in at 7 on the list of the most popular names of the last years. Nicole and variations therein is the 2 most represented name family in our database with 19 occurrences. How do we explain all the Nikkis and Nickys and Nicoles amongst us?

Of five queer Nadias to appear on television, four are dead. The fifth made out with Bette Porter in her car Of six queer Taras, three are dead and you probably remember them all. A lot of Emilys, really. So many Emilys! We are, however, suspiciously low on Marys.

More Juleses than Julias. Some minor abundances: Debs, Deborahs and Debbies. Quite a few more-than-expected Ginas, Naomis and, most oddly, Ruby. Did I mention Franky? She had a very popular personal blog once upon a time, and then she recapped The L Word , and then she had the idea to make this place, and now here we all are! Follow her on twitter and instagram. My chances of survial on a t. You forgot a key early entry in the Book of Susans.

The woman Ellen Morgan came out for who turned out to be already partnered. Also the ex-wife of horrible Ross on the show Friends is married to a lesbian Susan. One of the few openly gay characters at the time. Susan is how I got through the first 4 or 5 episodes while the show found its feet. So, so, everything is our Susan. This is so timely. Too pure and good for this fallen space station world. If memory serves, Nadia Miertschin or however you spell it was the first Nadia in TLW universe who was the vapid, lesbifriend of Gabby Deveaux and who allegedly hit on Tina in a drunken haze.

MeLL your memory is serving up the truth!!!!!! Wonder if I picked something up from the cultural zeitgeist. Reagan is also the name of the most kickass and pan character in The Once and Future Nerd. Well chosen! Anybody else amused or know why I am atleast that Reagan has become a queer-coded character name?

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You May Also Like Reply to This Comment. Also Frankie from Working Moms Loading Except that Nomi named herself, so she is the hippy Loading NO Loading I need this. Bless you for that Babylon 5 reference.

Lt Commander Susan Ivanova is my everything. I loved Susan Ivanova and miss her terribly. Bab 5 forever! Get a nickname!!!!! Though if we can have a Lesbian Jesus surely we can also have a Mommi Mary? Mommi Mary May I Loading Love it. Contribute to the conversation Cancel reply Yay! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by .

Lesbian girl names

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