Leaked nude snapchat pics

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Nude pictures of thousands of Snapchat users have been leaked on internet by unidentified hackers and the hackers threatened to leak around 13 gigabytes worth of nude pictures and videos on internet. According to the reports, around , photos, video messages sent via Snapchat were released on the site 4chan, on October 9. Snapchat has alleged that users who used third-party apps to send messages via Snapchat could be responsible for the crime. Snapchat is popular among the teenagers because of its unique feature. A Snapchat user can send pictures and videos from one device to the other and set a time limit for the pictures to be viewed.

The sender can decide the time limit. The recipient cannot save the picture, unless he is quick enough to save it as a screenshot. Earlier this year, hackers had published 4. The BBC reported that most of the Snapchat users are aged between 13 and 17 that is why child pornography becomes a major concern. It also reported that Snapchat was active in monitoring the Apple App Store and Google Play Store to dig out and ban the third-party apps.

Leaked nude snapchat pics

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