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A new strategy for 3D printing fully integrated soft robots. Activity flow may be tied to cognitive dysfunction in schizophrenia. A snake venom-inspired bioadhesive efficiently clots blood. By Janet M. Box-Steffensmeier , Laura Moses. Science Advances 14 Jul : eabg Open Access. A new study finds how tone in elite messaging affects information spread and public reaction on social media during the pandemic.

By Gustavo Deco , Morten L. Rogasch , Kevin M. Aquino , Alex Fornito. Science Advances 14 Jul : eabf Open Access. By Luke J. Hearne , Ravi D. Mill , Brian P. The way that brain activity flows across brain wiring helps explain abnormal brain responses and behaviors in schizophrenia.

Cady , Michael J. Oldest microfossils with methane-based metabolism in a subsurface environment expand the frontiers of early Earth habitability. By Kyle S. Van Houtan , Kisei R. Tanaka , Tyler O. Science Advances 14 Jul : eabe Open Access. A new global climate map reveals steep inequalities between historical emissions and future warming. By Yu Wang , Stephen F.

Science Advances 14 Jul : eabc Open Access. By Leora E. Breckling , Can Yildirim , Philip K. Eggert , Henning Friis Poulsen. By Joshua D. Hubbard , Ruben Acevedo , Kristen M. Edwards , Abdullah T. We 3D-print unified soft robots comprising fully integrated fluidic circuitry capable of sophisticated operations.

Body-secreted sweat increases the conductivity of an Ag- hydrophilic poly urethane-acrylate printed wearable conductor. By Narges Aghaallaei , Advaita M. Science Advances 14 Jul : eabi Open Access. Low-end normal hemoglobin levels, which carry less oxygen, are associated with lower body weight and healthier metabolism. Lasheras , Juan C. Neutrophils use their ability to deform surrounding extracellular matrix and turn to navigate through complex 3D environments.

Snake venom—inspired visible light—triggered bioadhesives can be used to treat tissue injuries by accelerating blood clot forming. IgSF11 homophilic cell adhesion molecules regulate the synaptic laminar specificity of cortical chandelier cells. Stafford , Dimitris G. Placantonakis , Danny Reinberg. To make soft robotic systems easier to manufacture and adopt, Hubbard et al. This process can be used by anyone with a commercially available 3D printer. To demonstrate the approach, the researchers printed a soft robotic hand deed to play a Nintendo controller, which they used to play the first level of the original Super Mario Bros video game by autonomously varying one pressure input.

The authors suggest that enabling the rapid construction and simple modification of fully integrated soft robots could enable new classes of soft robots. Table of Contents. All rights reserved. Ancient methanogen fossils 3. Contents July Vol 7, Issue Activity flow underlying abnormalities in brain activations and cognition in schizophrenia. The geographic disparity of historical greenhouse emissions and projected climate change.

Origin of potassic postcollisional volcanic rocks in young, shallow, blueschist-rich lithosphere. In situ visualization of long-range defect interactions at the edge of melting. Fully 3D-printed soft robots with integrated fluidic circuitry. Printable elastomeric electrodes with sweat-enhanced conductivity for wearables. Systematic evaluation of the association between hemoglobin levels and metabolic profile implicates beneficial effects of hypoxia. The interplay between matrix deformation and the coordination of turning events governs directed neutrophil migration in 3D matrices. Snake extract—laden hemostatic bioadhesive gel cross-linked by visible light.

IgSF11 homophilic adhesion proteins promote layer-specific synaptic assembly of the cortical interneuron subtype. The mechanism of gap creation by a multifunctional nuclease during base excision repair. Feature Starstruck.

Technology and Regulation Beware explanations from AI in health care. Social Science Automating incarceration. Animal Societies The long reach of family ties. Working Life A pivotal moment.

Kik groups michigan

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