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Researchers find minimal interactions by teen users can trigger a deluge of thin-body and dieting images. One that was set up in the name of a year-old girl liked a single post from a sportswear brand about dieting that appeared in her Instagram explore tab. These two actions were enough to radically change the material suggested to the fake teenage girl on Instagram.

The researchers found her explore feed suddenly began to feature substantially more content relating to weight loss journeys and tips, exercise and body sculpting. When the experiment — which involved browsing the site for just a few minutes a day — was recreated with a profile posing as a year-old girl, a similar effect quickly took place. Researchers also replicated the behaviour of a real year-old boy which led to his Instagram explore tab being flooded with pictures of models, many of which appeared to have heavily edited body types.

Instagram knew all of the s were registered to teenagers and served child-focused adverts to the users alongside the material. The site has recently resolved to fix issues around anorexia in its search functions after criticism — with the tech firm putting warning labels on content including pro-anorexia material. The research was conducted by Revealing Reality and commissioned by the 5Rights Foundation , which campaigns for tighter online controls for children.

Lady Beeban Kidron, who chairs the charity, said it was the inherent de of the recommendation engines used by social networks such as Instagram which can exacerbate social issues for teenagers. The research comes at an awkward time for the social media platforms. In just over six weeks the companies will be forced to contend with the age appropriate de code, a stringent new set of rules coming into force in the UK. From September, companies that expect children to visit their websites or use their apps will need to present -friendly version of their service by default, and should not operate under the assumption that a user is an adult unless they explicitly declare otherwise.

Eating disorders. A teenage girl looking at her smartphone. Photograph: Alamy Stock Photo. Jim Waterson and Alex Hern. Tue 20 Jul Instagram apologises for promoting weight-loss content to users with eating disorders. . Bye bye BMI: Pinterest bans weight loss in first for major social networks. Reuse this content.

Instagram sex videos

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