How to find a paypig

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Those are probably the questions you are asking yourself when you first become a financial domme. After all, you see very successful dommes with hundreds and thousands of slaves on twitter! After all, you never forget your first one! Findom is all about brands. As they say, first appearances matter a lot! As a result, you have to be very specific about what you want to portray on your social media profiles and also on your websites.

Here are a few qualities slaves love in their financial dominatrix:. Part of the way you will build your brand is through social media. With Twitter and Instagram you will be able to reach millions and millions of potential paypigs. Now, when it comes to building your social media profiles, you need to post frequently.

I would say you need to post 5 — 6 times a day on Twitter in the beginning and about 2 — 3 times a day on Instagram. Once you have your social media profiles set up, you will likely get bombarded with A TON of messages.

And by a ton I really do mean a lot. You will receive a ton of Twitter DMs. And you will also get a ton of dick pics just ignore those at all costs. Make sure to have your contact information and payment methods very clearly stated in your Twitter profile. You can also include them in your Twitter background image. Instagram is the other social media platform you will want to use. Obviously, Instagram is a lot more visual than Twitter. As a result, you can expect a ton of DMs from random people.

You will waste your time chasing after fake slaves that will never pay! One of the best ways to build your findom brand is to have multiple social media profiles and different sites. The more ways slaves have of reaching your content, the more likely they are willing to become paying slaves.

However, if you use Twitter, Instagram, Clip Sites , Phone Sex sites , and other mediums, you will have a much easier time of attracting slaves that are willing to pay and become long-term paypigs. The key is to have multiple ways for slaves to consume your content. If you can successfully accomplish this, you will be incredibly successful! Now when it comes to interacting with paypigs and slaves, here are a few things you need to know. The first is let slaves come to you. NEVER chase after potential paypigs! This means they should be the first to contact you.

Desperation and neediness are the top two turnoffs of high paying paypigs. These guys want to know you can live without them, but they cannot live without you. You control the dynamic of power in this relationship. You control everything! This means they come crawling to you. The second thing to do is never do anything unless they pay up. If you set up your social media profiles correctly, they will know how you like to be paid. These guys are like gold.

Use them and abuse them. Money speaks! Attracting paypigs is really a sales process. Paypigs need to be presented with a clear and strong findom brand image. They want to know you are confident and that you have a lifestyle they want to support financially. And the key is to create scarcity.

How to find a paypig

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How to Find a Paypig