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Self Magazine recently published an overview of factors that weigh into whether a couple might benefit from an open relationship and three factors that would make it a bad idea. Since the transition from Tumblr, the blog has been rather inactive. In the meantime, plenty of great new resources and discussion outlets have sprung up. It already has over 13, members. Below is a little sample of a recent post. Thank you for your kind words about our blog. I do try my best to present both sides of things as I have seen them personally throughout my own journey as a Hotwife.

I think anyone going into something this serious should know all that is good and all that is not so good — the potentials for excitement and erotic connection as well as the potentials for issues and problems. Once I feel comfortable with one guy, I would rather stick to that than go looking for something else. A little background on me — before I got married the first time I had only had 4 boyfriends in my life.

Even with D, before becoming a Hotwife, I had only slept with I believe 4 men. It also depends on the husband, as well… D actually enjoys this arrangement because there IS a little more danger and jealousy in it. When I find a lover, I typically see them for one to two months, sometimes more. Within that time, there can be meetings once or twice a week to only meeting once or twice a month — it all depends on our schedules and how things work out.

With my current lover, we see each other, on average, ever couple of weeks. A date typically consists of dinner, maybe a trip to the local hot springs did that last week , or just coming over to listen to music and have some good conversation before jumping into bed. Either the person is developing feelings, is becoming more demanding of my time, in one instance, D started to not like the guy and so I broke it off, etc.

I would say that in most cases a couple of months seeing someone once a week or once every couple of weeks is probably a good to stick with in terms of overall length of relationship, though some can last much longer if everyone understands the situation and is comfortable with it. Some women, though, enjoy a fully sexual situation where they find a guy who is well built and well hung and they can just meet up for that raw sexual contact.

It all depends on the couple, and especially on the woman. Check it out, and support her great endeavor to provide public information on this kink! Rate the podcast, and drop her a line with questions and comments. However, I was too insecure about my body to entertain the thought of having sex with anyone else. I enjoyed the exhibitionism and the compliments. I got talking to a guy who lived in our city and he asked me out for coffee.

Shane was all for it. I felt like a teenager who was dating again. The obvious question that had be asked is whether Susie ever felt coerced in any way. I like being able to experience pleasure with other men. However, sex anyone other than Shane is purely sexual.

Our relationship is my prime focus. For my wife, the choice between honoring our vows and fulfilling her desires was a false choice, another trap. She knew how deep our love was, and knew that her wanting a variety of sexual experiences as we traveled through life together would not diminish or disrupt that love.

It took me about six months — many long, intense conversations, and an ocean of red wine — before I knew it, too. It feels very adult, especially because it depends on open, honest communication. We take great pride in all the talking we do. This has been the great challenge of my open marriage: to draw strength from vulnerability. Doing so requires supreme self-confidence. You must first really, truly love yourself; it is the foundation upon which all the other love is built. My open marriage has made heavy demands on my ability to silence the voice of doubt in my head, that gnawing feeling of worthlessness.

But I find I can meet those demands, and that I am able to build my self-confidence out of nothing more than the basic dignity we all possess. Which I did, and I have never regretted that once in my life! Mainly things like kissing, hugging, holding close, but also much more explicit things too. But I feel free to imagine things a lot more lately.

My husband and I have been talking about some of his fantasies. I still have things to think about. Hard to explain it exactly. Thanks, other guys! But I know that I definitely have some curiousity about what I might like to do.

I never learned how, even when I was younger. One day I came pretty close to downloading Tinder to see what it was like, but I chickened out. Big questions I have about actually doing something like this are mostly about safety. I think I want to make sure I would only see a guy who has been tested. I like the idea of dinner and the whole works. These are some of the things I have questions about. But even the questions are sexy, which is something my husband pointed out.

Home Contact. For the women out there, how did you feel after your first time? Hope that helped to clear some things up for you…. Perfect combo! A ring for commitment, an anklet for flirting. How things have been going since then Highly recommended for people who are more curious about their own fantasies! They cover a lot of ground. Read the whole article at this link! Here are some amazing excerpts from the essay: For my wife, the choice between honoring our vows and fulfilling her desires was a false choice, another trap.

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Hotwife discussion

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