Hot wifeing

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Something you might have seen in the corner of your eye on less-than-PG websites would be the term hotwife. Naturally, it begs a few questions. We may know what hot means, and we may know what a wife is, and we probably know what a hotwife is. In simplest terms, a hotwife is a woman in a committed relationship who also has the option to have sex with other men as she chooses. This openness of the relationship is one-sided as only the woman is permitted to look outside of the relationship, differentiating hotwifing from open relationships altogether.

As surprising as it might seem, many couples choose this sort of arrangement willingly, with hotwifing strengthening their relationship for the better. For a male, a deeply rooted fantasy involving her beauty and sexual prowess being shared with other men largely drives the hotwife experience.

At times the man might want to watch while his wife hooks up with someone else, while for others the mere act of knowing it has occurred without his prior knowledge is enough to satisfy this desire. Yes, it is different from cuckolding. This way they get the emotional satisfaction that comes from a husband but the novelty and sexual satisfaction that comes from having new partners. For more information, this hotwife who shares her first time can help bring you into the mindset a bit more. Seeing as how infidelity is one of the greatest drivers for people to split up, how can a relationship built on consistent infidelity stand the test of time?

Hotwifing is instead built on open communication, trust, as well as a shared desire for extra relational sex to occur. Her physical, emotional, and sexual being is given up wholly to the new partner being introduced. However, care should be taken not to take the husband himself for granted. This is when proper boundaries are usually set.

Even a man who truly is committed to the hotwife lifestyle might find himself dealing with feelings of jealousy or inadequacy. It needs to be understood that what a hotwife does with any of her partners may be wildly different than what she does with her main partner. One or both partners may decide at any time that this lifestyle is no longer for them. This is something that needs to be respected. Both partners should be cognizant of this fact and willing to adapt to the change for the betterment of the relationship.

On the other hand, if the woman is no longer comfortable sleeping with semi-random men for the satisfaction of her husband, the husband needs to respect this desire in kind. And, what is erotic to some, may not be erotic to everyone. We get to choose what kind of fantasies and relationships we want to have. Find courses on orgasms, love, flirting, kissing, the G-spot, pleasuring a man or woman, erotica, dating, sexual healing, lesbian, gay and transgender sex, Tantra, fantasies, fetishes, BDSM and much more!

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Hot wifeing

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What is Hotwifing and How Do People Make It Work