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Today my friend stumbled across a youtube channel I had not heard of called hiimmarymary. Mary wakes up in what seems to be her parents house, or at the least a copy of it. Everything is fine during the day but at night Mary gets haunted by three different spirits. The three spirits represent a state of mind. The one in the mirror represents Mary's insecurity with herself which is why She is always laughing and pointing at Mary, Mary even states, "she is more beautiful then me I hate her.

The shadow Mary represents her overwhelming anxiety as the shadow likes to play tricks on her like taking her camera, which helps her stay calm and feel connected or even something simple like turning off the lights. The last being what I will call Mary in black, she represents her depression which can be interpreted from her screaming at Mary "no one loves you, you are worthless and deserve all that is coming to you.

At some point she stumbles across a room that takes her outside even though she can't leave the house, this is part of the house. In this outside room which she calls the garden is a fourth spirit in white who cannot enter the house as those spirits have too much power. I believe this woman in white represents her hope which is drowned out by the anxiety, depression, and of course insecurities. You can see all this be backed up by viewing the source code of the blog site which opens up saying,! Hey, am i getting through? Can you all see this? Good, I think this might actually be working.

I'm not even sure I can physically get into the house. They are poisoning her mind, making her think this is normal. Making her comfortable with this You've seen me before. In the Garden. You all know me. I care about Mary, really. I want to help her. I am fighting for control but I'm just too weak to fight. That bitch and the rest of them are too strong. And they're getting stronger every single day. And she's fucking letting them. That's where you all come in. I can't say for certain that she entirely trusts you all, but there's a chance she might listen to you.

She might. I don't know. She's very stubborn, I know. If she thinks she's got this all figured out, it's going to take a lot to convince her otherwise. She may not listen. Knowing her, she'll probably get angry, and I'm sorry in advance for anything she does. It's going to freak her out, but she needs to be uncomfortable in order to make this better. I think they figured out that I'm trying this.

They'll do anything to silence me. We're not supposed to work like this. This isn't normal. Okay, I'm going to try again. Oh, I have an idea. I am going to encode what I need you all to relay to her. I'm pretty sure they won't be able to censor it that way.

I'll send it in little parts. You'll know when it's coming. You're all smart people. It won't take long. If this works, I might be able to try to reach out to her in person soon. Maybe you'll all be able to see me. The more you make her aware of me, the more likely we'll be able to meet. She's not gonna like it, I can tell you this. This is so complicated. I trust you all. Good luck. I beg you to trust me.

We want the same thing here. I love you, Mary. See you soon, hopefully. Edit: I now believe the woman in white may be her friend Liz trying to reach out to her. In the audio files you can hear her leave voice mails to Liz asking for her help. Liz and Mary were at a party a week before she woke up in the house. That night they had a fight, Mary had said Liz said things about her and was spreading rumors which she denied. So Mary left after the fight but Mary got lost in the woods leaving many voice messages for Liz who would not answer the phone.

I believe that Liz has a connection to Mary still and is trying to get her to face reality but in Mary's mind she is the woman in white that she needs to ignore in the garden. I know there is more here but I need your help theorists. There are images that are distorted, audio files that I am sure is hiding more then they let on, and various other things I know I missed. Please Theorists look into this and tell me, what is really going on with Mary and her spirits? This has already been covered by inside a mind.

And seeing how sporadic you write in willing to bet you just watch his video and conveyed his thoughts as your own, which is quite silly due to inside a mind literally working for game theory. Oh I had no idea it was already covered thanks. I literally just had my friend tell me about the channel watched the videos, all of them then went digging around the blog and twitter. There is more to uncover I am sure but I possess very little assets to do so. Thought I had stumbled upon something new New Theory! Posted by 2 years ago. Sort by: best.

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Hi im mary mary

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