Hairy women fetish

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The hairy fetish can include hair on armpits , between the legs, on the legs, stomach and back, the behind, and sometimes the face… remember the infamous bearded lady? Most men who admit to this fetish are most interested in armpit hair and big, beautiful bushes. Unfortunately for them there has been a shaved pussy craze for the past twenty years, with some women even paying big bucks for permanent laser removal down there and other parts.

I think there has been a small return of the fur pie, but most women still like to trim and shape. The hairy woman kink is not to be confused with a hair fetish which I wrote about last year, although there can be a crossover. A good place to start would be a fetish dating site like FetishHookups. I also had a lover who just loved to shave my pussy ; it was a very hot foreplay to be sure, and I wish more men were into this.

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Hairy women fetish

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