Gay chub

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Out gay singer Tom Goss is reasserting his love of big men. I wanted to be direct, honest and graphic; to really convey the shape, the allure, the seduction of big men. Goss was raised in Kenosha, Wisconsin. He learned at a young age that relationships can be painful and damaging, after his parents divorced while he was in 4th grade. That and his own struggles with his sexuality cast a dark shadow over his romantic life. Honestly, I thought it was something everyone around me was making up.

However, that sexual drive was awaked when he met and fell for a plus-sized man and became aware of the bear community. After putting thought of the priesthood behind him, he began his singer-songwriter career in the coffee houses of Washington DC in the early 00s. He self-released his debut album, Naked Without, in He married his husband, Mike Briggs in and is now based in Los Angeles. I asked him what he hated most about his body. He said his Flintstone feet. I was floored, mainly because, to me, everything about his body is stunning. Then we wonder why people often view themselves in a negative light.

I want to send some messaging out into the world that says the opposite. It features a couple of friends and some men he approached online. Too often in media, large men are painted as villains or buffoons; the butt of a joke. The goal here was to uplift and empower men of size and embrace their beauty. Despite the growth in the bear scene worldwide, some people continue to find the portrayal of big guys in a positive light controversial. Do we glamorize their behavior by taking their picture? As an artist, my job is to be authentic to the way I see the world.

I see beauty in round men. I hope I have succeeded in showing the world that. Does he find the bear scene to be welcoming and supportive, or can it also be bitchy and cliquey? It is not a bear thing. Round in all the Right Places is out now on Spotify , iTunes and other platforms. Details at tomgossmusic. A brief history of the gay bears and big boys scene. Cookie Policy Privacy Policy.

Gay chub

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Chub (gay slang)