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When Snapchat emerged on the app scene a few years ago, it was a revolutionary idea. The appeal of sending images which wouldn't last forever was a novel concept that had a million advantages, and like everything else in our digital world, it was eventually used to find sex. Snapchat became a destination synonymous with sexual imagery. Dick pics, vagina snaps, and everything else were being exchanged on Snapchat at a mind-blowing rate of twenty million photos per day. Wow, that's a lot of genitals going around. But the best part about the site was the every snap disappeared after a few seconds.

Snapchat changed the way we send and use explicit content, and now, Snapfuck has took over where Snapchat left off. This site uses the concept of temporary pictures within a dating site format to create a unique platform to meet new people, find casual sex and get laid. It's bascially a Snapchat hookup app, but how does it compare to other hookup sites? Read on for our legit review.

Surprisingly, Snapfuck looks nothing like Snapchat. I'd have assumed that they would have copied Snapchat's website entirely, but Snapfuck has a very simple purple and blue color scheme as opposed to Snapchat's yellow theme. Snapfuck seemed very basic to me. Almost too basic. Aside from the gimmick which it had stolen from Snapchat, it has the look of a very generic dating website. Whether this is a good or bad thing is down to your personal preference, but I wasn't blown away from my first impressions. Registration was very fast, probably less than two minutes.

Once you've verified your , you're ready to set up your profile and start sexting real people - or at least that's what the website says will happen. As soon as I'd set up my free user , I received quite a few messages from girls within seconds. I got a little excited, but then I realized that they were fake profiles trying to lure me in.

I brushed it off. Most sites use have one or two fake users these days, but it soon became clear just how many users on there weren't real. It's easy to spot a fake from their lack of bio information, and the fact they'll have a made up name like Destiny or Heaven.

There were indeed real women on there, and messaging them was pretty straightforward. Snapfuck offers the option to make contact via pictures, an emoji a 'flirt or just your bog-standard sext message. If you do send a girl a photo, you can choose how long your pic will be visible, identical to Snapchat. As far as features go, that's pretty much the extent of Snapfuck. The website offers very little else to do other than scroll, find users and send them pictures or messages. There's no additional service or interactivity.

Price breakdown is as follows:. You might find the 6 month package good value for money, but that's pretty much it. The paid trial doesn't look very good, since 3 days won't give you a chance to message everyone you want to, not to mention it sometimes takes longer than that for someone to respond to you. However, most people do use the user trial because it's the best value and least commitment.

Unfortunately, there's no free trial for new users either. The price is average as far as fuck sites go, but given that Snapfuck is quite limited in its reach, it's still a little high. Only one or two positives about Snapfuck, really. There's a good amount of a members and users on the site, so you could certainly find someone local to meet for casual sex, as long as you keep looking. Using the picture feature is quite a fun experience, especially as there's no restrictions about adult content.

You can get as filthy as it comes, and even if you want to tease, there's an option to censor any explicit areas with emojis. This is the best thing about Snapfuck even though it's been borrowed entirely from Snapchat. The biggest thing which turned me off about Snapfuck is the of fake user s.

Social media in general is packed with fake users, but Snapfuck has them constantly filling your inbox and liking your posts to give the impression that the website has a lot of users. Indeed, the terms and conditions states something about the site will use fake profiles to sell you third-party stuff or get you to upgrade to the best membership, so it's not like I didn't see it coming. But still, it's a major turn off. Snapfuck claims that it makes getting laid easy, but as you can see, that should be taken with a grain of salt.

There are a decent amount of members on Snapfuck, so you could probably find people to meet up with for casual sex if you chat long and hard enough. However, that could be one long journey, because you may end up chatting to a fake person for ages and you might not know it.

The chances of getting regular hookups through Snapfuck though? Pretty slim. The truth is that if you want to meet more people and possibly get laid, you'd have more luck with Snapchat. It's free, it allows you to try a bunch of different features, and it never overlo you with fake messages. Don't just take our word for it either.

Other reviews have also been less kind to Snapfuck, so it seems most reviewers think the same. Try it by all means, but don't expect it to change your sex life. First Impressions Surprisingly, Snapfuck looks nothing like Snapchat. Features Registration was very fast, probably less than two minutes. Pros Only one or two positives about Snapfuck, really.

Cons The biggest thing which turned me off about Snapfuck is the of fake user s. Conclusion Snapfuck claims that it makes getting laid easy, but as you can see, that should be taken with a grain of salt.

Free snapfuck

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