Fem doms

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in. It varies greatly when we get to the specific types of dominants that are desired within the community. In case no one has said it to you plainly, know this:. In that role, one is expected to discuss limits, agree on a safeword and, then…trust the person they are playing with to follow through. All while usually, in a fairly compromising situationship. Gagged…hogtied…restrained…restricted …it can be hard to give up control even when you want to feel so controlled. Toys can be broken and put back together.

An s-type is not a toy. It is your person to consensually play with in a manner in which they will not become broken, in a manner of speaking. A lot of dominants are imposters only ever having fantasized about dominating. Others are aimless dominants in training, learning through trial and error, usually error. Yet even still some equate their own narcissism with a hall pass into the kink community. There are no schools that I know of that teach dominants how to do things perfectly and safely. This list of qualities I think a safe, respectable, well-intentioned dominant could benefit from is also a list for submissives.

No matter what side of the slash. At best, you miss out on a play scene, at worst…well who could say? No one, but something deep inside does. Each of these traits absolutely needs to be genuinely built from within. This one seems easy. You can disrespect that devotion. But, what do they gain? You owe it to them to allow their services, whatever they may be, to flourish.

It is within your power to only just pick and use the traits and skills to your advantage but to also reflect your appreciation back. An unappreciated submissive is the best recipe for receiving unappealing service. Attention to detail is important to me, and I do my best to show that in many ways. Pay attention to your bottom no matter the situation.

Verbally check in, watch their breathing, their body movements, and eyes when possible for s of distress. This is the responsibility you assume in this role and they deserve your full attention. What does control mean to you? Restricting their active actions without prior authorization from you? Maybe to them it means allowing you the power to punish them when they fall behind on work or a passion project? Or maybe even identifying objectively when they are stressed and stepping in to help where needed. Consistency is key when wanting someone to perform the same thing, words, actions, repeatedly in the same manner.

When you go out to eat, you expect french fries to resemble some manner of fries. Your submissive cannot live up to your standards if they are constantly changing. When you decide something, take control of it by explaining it thoroughly and correcting where necessary. Despite what BDSM porn may say ha! This goes beyond a simple negotiation and check-in during a scene. Many dominants have the ability to really abuse a bottom.

There is nothing that gives me a higher feeling than knowing I have someone who is sometimes, quite literally, putting their lives in my hands when playing. Do all you can to keep your submissive and yourself safe, externally and internally. This is emotional and psychological abuse and no one should have to take this in any relationship or dynamic. Select your title, change it up, flip stereotypes, color outside the lines.

Every dominant has a unique and special quality, style, and abilities. I only found true power in being my own type of Femdom, in my own image. BDSM has a way of highlighting all the facets of your soul that have remained in the shadows. Why hide them if you are looking for a partner who will trust you and who you want to trust? We welcome all kinds. I purposefully made this list small and simple.

Even though dominance is a role requiring strength and integrity it also includes humility, respect and an ever-curious mindset. But these tools are simply not enough. One must learn the language of dominance, and totally surrender themselves to its will and personal desire, in order to dominate like a Fem dom should. She can be often found presenting at sex-positive events, freelance writing about kink, on podcasts, or even in your local dungeon. Get started. Open in app. in Get started. Get started Open in app.

The Caliber of a Fem dom. Switch on and tune in This one seems easy. Take control…like you really mean it What does control mean to you? You are who you are. Own it. More from d20domme Follow. More From Medium. Vanilla Sex is Still Good Sex. Gwenna Laithland in Sexography. My Work Dildo. Eroticlit in The Toy Story. Michael Cowley. A Stranger at the Gym has an Erotic Fantasy. Sam Halliday in The Bad Influence. Jessica Wildfire. About Write Help Legal.

Fem doms

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