Fecal fetish

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Coprophilia is an erotic fascination with feces and general filth and uncleanliness. Coprophiliacs enjoy either watching people defecate, defecating on someone themselves, being defecated on, smearing feces scatolia , and sometimes eating feces coprophagia. In some adults, coprophilia may manifest itself in people who find the act of defecation pleasurable and erotic. Other individuals may enjoy the incorporation of feces into partnered or solo sexual activity.

To explore the origins of coprophilia, we may first look to evolution. Many animals, including our primate ancestors, have a history of interacting with fecal matter for several reasons. In the animal kingdom, fecal matter has been used in communication, as shown through territorial markings, mating rituals, and sexual attitude. Uncommon erotic fetishes, such as coprophilia, have deep historical roots that can be dated back to ancient Greece.

Many depictions of people defecating in clay pots during an orgy, or group sex, may show the prevalence of erotic deviation in ancient cultures. The connection of feces with sexual arousal and enjoyment may go back to childhood. Neurologist Sigmund Freud attributed the human fascination with feces to a psychological regression to childhood. Freud presented childhood as a representation of earlier primitive social-evolutionary stages. Freud identified individuals with psychological issues, toddlers, and primitive humans as all sharing a coprophagic involving the consumption of feces tendency.

Psychosexual development consists of five stages, and Freud believed that these psychosexual stages are necessary for development and that each of these stages is a representation of sexual desire. Freud hypothesized that defecation played a role in the psychosexual development of children, presenting itself in the anal-sadistic phase.

The fascination with feces may also be connected to genital stimulation during the changing of diapers during infancy that eroticizes feces. Coprophagic behavior in adults may be thought of as a form of regression or infantilization, but the exact causes are unknown. Disclaimer: SexInfo Online does not endorse the claims of Sigmund Freud, and only presents these hypotheses in order to present various literature regarding the possible roots of Coprophilia and the various theories that surround the topic.

Several different types of coprophilia exist and are categorized by the source of sexual pleasure resulting from different behaviors. Coprospheres are individuals who find pleasure in throwing their feces. Coprophagia, known as the most taboo form of coprophilia, describes the consumption of feces. The erotic sensation associated with the consumption of feces may be confined to coprophilia; in contrast, coprophagia may serve to destroy the evidence of coprophilic practices.

Scatolia is the act of smearing feces on a surface or the presence of it on the body. There is not much study of coprophilia, but of coprophilic behaviors, scatolia is the least understood. Another way to participate in coprophilia is when the dominant partner does not allow the submissive to defecate without their permission as a display of dominance over them. Coprophilia and especially coprophagia are considered unsafe sexual practices due to the possible transmission of bacterial infections, HIV, and Hepatitis A.

Hepatitis is a particular danger to coprophiliacs, although many other infections are also possible, such as HIV, because it is easy to transmit infections through oral or open-wound contact. Even though eating a handful of feces especially your own feces is considered to be of mild toxicity and at most causes a physical reaction similar to food poisoning, coprophilic, or scatophilic activity, is considered a risky sexual activity and is not recommended.

Even though coprophilic behaviors are not recommended by health professionals and carry great risk of complications, the following are some ways to decrease risk when practicing fecal sex play. The best way to reduce the risks associated with coprophilic behavior is to not play with fecal matter at all, but for those who still practice fecal play, they may want to consider the amount of risk they are taking.

Scatology is a small industry focused on making art and movies on coprophilia. The bulk of coprophiliacs are people suffering from dementia. Along with a decrease in mental capacity, a very common disturbance is malnutrition; this le affected individuals to search for other nutritional sources.

Coprophilia is also common in people who are unable to differentiate food substances and non-food substances. This disinhibition of sexual behavior in conjunction with the reversion to basic instinct le to coprophilic behaviors like the consumption of their own feces. Of all dementia patients exhibiting coprophilic behaviors, the most common behavior is scatolia. Despite coprophagia being a rather common phenomena among dementia patients, the medical reasons for why it develops is unknown, and until more attention is given to this area, it will remain a mystery.

However, for some, paraphilias may become paraphilic disorders when they begin to cause distress to the individual or when the sexual satisfaction entails harm to oneself or others. For those in which coprophilia becomes a paraphilic disorder or begins to interfere with their everyday life, there are treatment options available to address the problems it may cause.

Psychopharmacologic therapy, as well as prescriptions for Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors SSRIs , have been prescribed to treat those negatively affected by coprophilia. Additionally, psychotherapy is often used in an effort to correct coprophilic behaviors in patients with moderate to mild dementia. Paraphilias may be defined as whenever an individual experiences intense sexual arousal from atypical situations, objects, individuals, or fantasies. Coprophilia is a paraphilia that involves sexual gratification or sexual arousal derived from the smell, the taste, the sight, or the defecation of feces.

Although only practiced by a small portion of the population, those who find sexual gratification from activities involving feces may practice a variety of different behaviors to achieve sexual gratification. The practices involved with coprophilia may be risky, as it exposes individuals to the bacteria found in human waste, but there are safe ways to practice these activities, such as using a barrier or implementing only visual interaction with fecal matter.

The most important element of every sexual encounter is the mutual consent of every participant involved. Partners should engage in effective communication before, during, and after any sexual activity. Table of Contents. Next Post Necrophilia.

Fecal fetish

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