Dominant femboy

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In recent generations, an enlightenment has been gaining traction to combat the harsh enforcement of stereotypes and the grooming mechanisms of society that restrict personal expression. In recent years, however, internet culture has positively transformed this identity by actively praising femininity and individualism.

The generations before us have created and enforced a society founded upon a power struggle, requiring some individuals to be submissive so others can be dominant, and men were deemed the dominant gender. We have essentially defined ourselves in terms of power; thus, anything perceived as being synonymous with femininity, such as beauty and sensitivity, are considered inferior and weak, while traditionally masculine traits, such as physical strength and self-reliance, are considered superior. Celebrities have been a driving force in the efforts to celebrate femininity. Seth, also known as thatsusboi on Tiktok, is a year old content creator who received over a million views overnight after posting a video of himself wearing a tennis skirt and colorful nail polish.

We live and have lived in a society created by men, for men, which has resulted in a modern culture still littered with misogyny, intolerance and oppression, enforced primarily through the influence of gender norms. It is the privilege and responsibility of the younger generations to revise the current mold where it has failed us, and the toxic nature of gender norms is definitely a good place to start. These preconceived customs influence so many aspects of human life, from fashion to personal hobbies, and have been strictly maintained and controlled by public shame when someone dares to overstep their boundaries.

Boys play sports. Girls wear skirts. Girls are too emotional to be involved in politics. As evolving, intelligent beings, we are given the freedom to be an ever-changing species, and conformity is a direct threat to such privilege. For so long, femininity has been synonymous with inferiority and weakness. Advertise Contact Housing. Column: Femboy culture destroys toxic masculinity, redefines gender norms. More Like This. Board of trustees adds two members to presidential search committee, approves budget By Tyler Fedor Jun.

Dominant femboy

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Column: Femboy culture destroys toxic masculinity, redefines gender norms