Dirty straight men

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Miles glanced at his phone for what felt like the hundredth time and frowned, looking around the crowded Boston Airport. His brother had assured him that his American friend would pick him up, but it had been an hour since his arrival and the bloke was still nowhere to be seen. Just brilliant. As the youngest child in his large family, Miles had long ago learned when to pick his battles and when to save his breath. Zach had always been overprotective of him. He thought of Miles as more of a son than a brother. It was probably unavoidable, considering their ificant age difference and the fact that Zach had practically raised him since Miles was a toddler.

He could have, since Miles was a broke student financially dependent on his eldest brother. It had certainly been a learning experience: he had learned that sometimes pride was stupid and pointless. His phone went off in his hand. Alexander Sheldon, the caller ID said. Relieved, Miles answered. He was in an unfamiliar city, in a different country, with no money, no credit card, and no passport. We should have left you a key, but we left in such a hurry, your arrival slipped my mind. It has thirty bedrooms. Sit tight. Call me if you need anything.

And I mean anything, all right? Grimacing a little—he really hated being an inconvenience to someone he barely knew—Miles looked at his phone and typed a message to Zach, telling him that everything was fine. There was no way in hell he could tell his overprotective brother that he had already managed to lose his wallet and his ID. Zach would never let him live it down. But before Miles could send the message, his phone went off again. It was an unfamiliar . Total 65 s: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Next.

Dirty straight men

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