Dirty gamer girls

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At exactly PM tonight, a website like none we have ever seen appeared on the Internet waves. Lonely gamers now have a way to meet women without ever leaving their bedroom with the Halo wallpaper. Gamers can go to www. No way guys! Yes, I said paid to play with you. And once your ten minutes is up, she gets a credit tip as well. At the time of release the Xbox will be the only console supported. You must be 18 or older to open an . Once your ed up, gamers choose the PlayDate they want. According to GameCrush, what happens during the game session is up to the gamer and the Playdate.

Hmmm, sounds a lot like going to a …. So gamers you have a very important decision to make. I leave this up to you gentleman. If you are interested in the service go to www. Casual games include checkers, pool, and Battleship. Who would have though that cyber — dating gaming would ever show up. What happened to Gaming with the Elderly or Gaming with the Homeless?

The world is changing folks. Good luck with it guys, but remember, hug a puppy instead. Josh resides in VA and enjoys spending time with his wife Lena, two wonderful kids Peyton and Bailey, and their puppy Marley. He moonlights as an Xbox Ambassador and someday hopes to rule the galaxy. News Reviews Guides Culture. Video Video All Videos. By Josh Wright March 23, Have something to tell us about this article? Let us know. Tags: Cyber dating GameCrush. Josh Wright. Got a tip?

Dirty gamer girls

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