Dark d on kik

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When we send a text on Kik Messenger, the server sends back a read status receipt that goes through the letters S, D, and R. Kik Messenger provides its users with a neat feature that lets you know the progress your message makes on its way to your friend.

This status usually passes almost immediately. You should check your Wi-Fi or network settings. Some of the more common ones are:. The person may be in another room from his phone, in the middle of a chore, or at a cash register making a purchase. Depending on the role this person holds in our life, we may worry, even become angry, when we know our kik is on her device but she has not taken the time to read it.

If they are reading messages in a way that does not immediately generate a read receipt, you will know that you can never tell when they have read your messages until they let the status update go through. If you ask a person about a message and it turns out that they have you blocked, they may tell you or they may play dumb. Also, it is always possible that they were intending to block someone else and hit your name by mistake. Asking about it may give them a welcomed chance to fix that by unblocking you and making sure the right person is blocked.

Maybe your contact is on vacation, overloaded with work, or cramming for exams and feels he has to ignore all social contact for a while to accomplish his goals. The measures taken by Kik Messenger in its effort to provide updates to senders on the progress of kiks making their way to friends is extensive. You are always in the loop. In the overwhelming majority of cases, the mystery will be solved and you will share a laugh with your friend over how, as soon as your kik chimed in, his phone slipped out of his hand and into a sink full of dirty dishes — and greasy water.

Dark d on kik

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