Cuckolding ideas

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The kinkiest newsletter on the planet! Get weekly s deed to make your marriage happier, kinkier, and more fun! So I have a list of 20 fun cuckold dares for your relationship. Some of them are for new cuckold couples and some are for more experienced couples. Confess to your husband that you have been fantasizing about another man a real person in real, not some celebrity you watch on TV. Sometimes to take cuckolding to the next level you need to take baby steps at least in the beginning.

Okay…this is a really fun hotwife dare. Well, one thing you can do is tell your girlfriend that 1 you have your husband locked in chastity and 2 he serves as your cuck! Tie down your cuck on the bed and then I want you to play with yourself with a vibrator while sitting on his chest.

And be VERY vivid in your description and moans. Tell him exactly how it felt and how turned on you were! If you see a guy you want to fuck, let him know by whispering it softly in his ear with your moist lips! I want you to fuck another man while your husband watches. I want you to sext with another man…sending dirty pictures and videos to each other…basically writing borderline erotica to each other!

Then let your husband look over your profile as his mind goes crazy at the of guys contacting you! It could be your gym trainer or his friend or a stranger. But make him ask that person out…and record the conversation if possible! Next time you go out on a sexy date with your wife, dare her to take off her wedding ring and see how many times she gets hit on!

Another similar thing you can do is take her to a bar or club without the wedding ring and see how many s and free drinks she gets throughout the night! At the end of the night I want you to confess your deepest and darkest cuckold fantasies to your wife…no matter how kinky it is! Instead of your wife bringing her bull back home, get them a nice and romantic hotel room in the city instead! Go to the mall and visit a sexy lingerie shop. Oh and you must be locked in chastity too…. As I have written about before, sucking cock is a core cuck duty!

Your dare if you choose to accept…which you should! I think cuckold dare ideas are a great way to progress your hotwife relationship to the next level. Let me know in the comments! I think through comment or . You can me anony protonmail. Home — MyFemdomRules New? Start Here! Blog Femdom Games Cuckolding Captions. First Name.

Cuckolding ideas

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Cuckold Dare Ideas: 20 Dares For New & Experienced Couples