Booty pics to send

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It's a little too late for that now, I don't regret it but at the same time I do. I was always the one who had more feelings for him but that's all over now. I send this guy booty pictures all the time and I'm wondering if that's bad? He screenshots them but it's fine, he's sent me stuff too so is this bad? Am I a "hoe"? Share Facebook. Sending booty pics? Add Opinion. ShyGirlHinata Xper 4. You're not a hoe. No one should be called a hoe. It's just a derogatory slang term sexist people used to make women feel like they needed to be abstinent to be considered of value.

Women shouldn't be ashamed of showing off their body and can do with it what they want. I post nudes all the time on my tumblr haha. My blog is bella-rosie if anyone's wondering.. You're not a hoe if your committed to send pics to tha person because it's showing you trust them and comfortable around them, I wouldn't b trusting anyone screenshotting though, because once it's out there it's out here forever. No shade either way. Show All Show Less. Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Sending booty pics to boyfriend?

What does a guy think of a girl that sends booty pics? Should I send a booty pic to get his attention? Is sending a booty pic to my boyfriend a bad idea? Why did he ask for a booty pic? Sort Girls First Guys First. Caaarl Yoda. Not necessarily. If you do it an your not really interested in the guy then I'd say yeah. If a girl did this to me after barely knowing me without me trying to come on to her I'd think she was a slut. It happens when a girl is seriously involved in relations. If you trust the guy, fine.

SkateFastEatAss Xper 5. I have a friend who's the same way, and she's actually really cool. Also, it's not like you're out having sex with multiple dudes, so no it doesn't. NudgeKnickers Xper 1. Neekthesneek04 Xper 2. You're fine. Most girls do the same thing. Yumix opinions shared on Flirting topic. Make sure you trust the person first. AleDeEurope Master. Everyone doing this without showing theirs face, not big deal. Popo21 Xper 7.

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Booty pics to send

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Sending booty pics?