Big dick fetish

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My girlfriend 18f and I 19m have been dating for about seven months. We are both each others first relationship. She has only had sex once before meeting me and it was bad experience that she had stop after 30 seconds due to pain due, so I am her only real sexual partner. Yesterday when discussing our porn preferences and the events at a party I attended the night before it was revealed that she had a big dick fetish.

Immediately I felt horrible, as I'm 6. But of course I couldn't resist asking for more info. She was clearly reluctant to tell me, the only reason I know is cause she accidentally hinted it when her guard was down, because she knows how men get insecure about their penis sizes. She claimed that she would only watch that porn occasionally, that it wasn't a big fetish and she would only watch the truly massive penises that were almost fantastical in size. She then said it tied in to her fetish of inserting objects into her which she has said before is her biggest fetish.

Just with the info given it's hard for a man to not be insecure, let alone with consideration that she's hiding or downplaying certain aspects to try and not hurt me. I'm scared that I'm not big enough for my girlfriend, despite otherwise our sex life being good, and that she secretly wants a well endowed man but just hides it because she's otherwise happy in the relationship.

I know how insane and insecure this must sound, but I just keep having these fears that one day in the future, if we break up or something, that she is hooking up with a well endowed man and just humiliates me by saying how small I am in comparison and how much better his cock is over mine. These stem mainly from two of my best friends who broke up, and the girl's new boyfriend having a large penis 7. I saw both her gloating and the humiliation and pain it caused the ex-boyfriend.

I just don't know how to feel better about myself. It's hard to make yourself feeling better about how "the average penis is inches etc" and "its about the motion in the ocean etc" when her fetish is just that there is a massive cock filling her up. Any advice would be appreciated. Sorry for yet again another post from a young man insecure about his cock. I know a lot of the porn I watch doesn't correlate with what I want in reality.

Her porn watching is more adventurous than mine so it does make me feel more re-assured. The solution is dildos my friend. We do have a glass dildo that is about my size but has ridges and patterns on it. I'm just fearful that if we get a large dildo and she likes it I'll just feel inadequate or get fearful she'll want the real thing.

Well if she has problems with pain during sex she probably doesn't like big dicks as much as she thinks she does. My husband is your size and it sometimes still hurts for me. Don't worry about this. Not everyone wants a fetish to be played out in real life. Besides she seems to be really happy with you. Means half of the population is smaller. Measuring underneath using objects that have no ificance to measure. Also a bit of trick photography with angles and lenses. I've been told that colour doesn't affect size and that "those guys" really only come from a particular location and that enthusiasm, confidence and determination make a bigger difference than size.

The best way for you to overcome your insecurity? Get good at making her orgasm. Learn what turns her on, where her spots are neck, shoulders, inner thighs that get her hot. Learn how to tease her, have good cock control so you can take an hour and give her several orgasms before you get off.

Just make it ALL about her. Learn the positions where you can get to her g-spot. Deep missionary, side saddle and her on top with her hips pushed forward are all perfect for it. You have the right length to gently rub it and when you find it, don't jack hammer her, just grind it out, and you'll see those eyes roll back as that orgasm hits her. Length means nothing when you've learned how to truly please a woman.

You give her four or five really heavy orgasms and those big dick dreams will evaporate faster then you think. Do you have any tips on grinding, when my gf is on top she can do it really well but I struggle to do it on my end if the roles are reversed.

You have to put things in perspective. If they need a huge dick it means they have a roomy vagina. Because no, not all vaginas are the same size, or stretch the same amount, just like not all penises are the same. Not all women enjoy having their cervix pounded. Thanks for comparison between penis and vaginal size, It gets easier to forget about compatibility. My 19m girlfriend 18f has a big dick fetish. How to not be insecure. Posted by 1 year ago.

Sort by: best. Continue this thread. The average human dick is like 5. Your fine. You have a great sex life, this is a non issue. For real. I can't imagine seven inches. Fucking ow. More posts from the relationships community. We seek posts from users who have specific and personal relationship quandaries that other redditors can help them try to solve.

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Big dick fetish

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Anyone else have a big cock fetish?